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About Psychotherapy


Psychotherapy provides an effective treatment for people with psychological and psychosomatic disorders.  Persons who experience feelings of emptiness or meaninglessness in their lives or who are seeking a greater sense of fulfillment may be helped by psychotherapy.

People may seek help for specific reasons such as trauma due to war, conflict, abuse or accidents, early childhood trauma,  eating disorders, obsessional behavior or phobic anxieties. At other times help is sought because of more general underlying feelings of depression or anxieties, difficulties in concentrating, dissatisfaction in work or inability to form satisfactory relationships. However, the value of psychotherapy is not limited to those with mental health problems.

The relationship between psychotherapist and client is a crucial element in the process of psychotherapy. The psychotherapist offers a competential and private setting in which difficult experiences may be explored and worked through.

Psychotherapy can benefit adults, adolescents, children, couples and families.

Here is a video from the Irish Council for Psychotherapy, a member of the European Association for Psychotherapy, that explains it well.\


How Psychotherapy works

A qualified psychotherapist offers a safe space where you can

·       Express your feelings

·       Gain a deeper insight into the issues and problems you face

Psychotherapy sessions are confidential where you can feel secure to talk about things which you might not be able to discuss with anyone else. Psychotherapy is effective for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.

The service aims to:

·       help you find better ways to cope

·       to improve your emotional and mental wellbeing

Psychotherapy sessions can be

·       one-to-one

·       include a partner or family members

·       in a group

Source: Website of the European Association of Psychotherapy:

Gali road – College of Health Sciences – beside Shahidan Clinic

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