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Gali road – College of Health Sciences – beside Shahidan Clinic

Psychotherapy for Who

Psychotherapy is for those people who have a psychological issue or difficulty in their daily lives, those who are depressed or have anxiety, or those who, as a result of a bad event or accident, are always sad and thinking about it. It is also for those who went through difficult times inside the family or have other domestic problems which are hard to handle.The IPP German Clinic for Psychotherapy will help you to face your personal problems by listening, talking and giving practical exercises. Psychotherapy will give you confidence and calmness.Our treatment does not focus on medication, although in some special cases, medication might be an additional treatmentYou can visit the Clinic …

·         If something bad happened to you and you can’t handle it alone and you feel uncomfortable. 

·         If an accident happened to you and the memories of that trauma bother you.

·         If you faced a problem either inside the family or outside of it that makes you anxious and you don’t know how what to do or decide. 

·         If your sleep and/or appetite are changed and you are not like before.

·         If you lost a loved one and can’t adjust yourself with this loss. 

·         If you have such fear of some thing or place that your normal life is badly affected.

·         If you have certain behaviors or thoughts which are not normal to you and you can’t control or stop them.

There are many more difficulties which can cause distress; the psychotherapists will assess you and help you with them.Psychotherapists trained in scientific methods will help relieve your distress and symptoms.Your therapist will help you find a better solution for your problems.

Gali road – College of Health Sciences – beside Shahidan Clinic

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