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Our Office

Gali road – College of Health Sciences – beside Shahidan Clinic

The Medical Part


The GPs

The Clinic also has two General Physicians, who will help by doing a general checkup of your health. This is to make sure there are no medical issues that may be causing your psychological distress. They will also check you at the end of your therapy.  This service is only for patients who visit the clinic due to their psychological difficulties. 

The Psychiatrist

The Clinic has a psychiatrist on staff for a few hours per week. The psychiatrist will assist the psychotherapists with diagnosis and medication when needed. Our treatment does not focus on medication, although in some special cases, medication might be an additional treatment.

About Medication and Psychotherapy

Medications, psychotherapy and their combination have been shown to help people with emotional or behavioral problems. Different kinds of problems, however, will respond differently to various treatments; therefore, choosing the right treatment can be complicated. Your choice of treatment should be based on the best available scientific evidence, as well as your own willingness to try these treatments and to stick with them. Whatever the choice, these discussions should be reviewed with your physician, psychologist or mental health professional. Here are some things to consider:

 Best Evidence


Personalizing Your Treatment




Source: Website of the American Psychological Association (APA):



Gali road – College of Health Sciences – beside Shahidan Clinic

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